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Diamond Dressers

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Diamond Dressers
Single Point Diamond Dressers

Single point diamond dressers are extremely versatile and used for truing and dressing purpose of grinding wheel. The single point dressing tools are selected on the basis of the dimension of grind hardness, grit size and abrasive type. We offer classes such as 'A', 'AA' and 'AAA' that fulfill the demands and requirements of the diamond industry.

Multi Point Diamond Dressers

It is divided in to two types:

  • Cluster Type Diamond Dresser

    In cluster type diamond dressers, the diamonds are used of good crystal character. The cluster consists of 3, 5, 7, 9, 13 or 17 small diamond sets in a variety of patterns for larger, coarser and harder wheels. Since more than one diamond comes in contact with wheel, the load gets divided which is one of the main advantages of this dresser.

  • Multi Point Indexable Crown Type Diamond Dresser

    We offer EM - 24 with 24 diamonds & EM 36 with 36 diamonds. The diamonds used are of good crystal character. The diamonds are set in circular crown at right angle to the operating plane. These are used for larger wheels cylindrical & centreless grinders, where fine truing is considered.

  • Chisel Type Diamond Dressers

    We, at JARV Tools, offer chisel type diamond dressers in which specially selected natural diamonds are used. These chisel type diamond dressers are used for the profile dressing of a grinding wheel. These chisels and cones are made with tolerance for radius and angles.

    Blade Type Dressers

    Our wide range of manufactured multi layer blade type diamond dressers are used for the angular and centreless grinders. Multi layers blade type tool in which diamond layer in the form of a small plates is moulded in bronze body. As soon as the diamonds in the first row is completely used up, the second layer is exposed. These are ideally suited for aluminium oxide & silicon carbide grinding wheel & for all types of larger grinding wheels. These don’t require any maintenance & reduces the inventory.

    Impregnated Dressers

    The impregnated dressers are used mainly for fine grinding, i.e. on the screw thread, gear thread, gear teeth & profile grinding machines. These tools require no maintenance. The dressing of acute angled wheel profile is easy and hassle free. It is more economical because of their economical cost. These are shock resistant and impact resistant that helps to prevent shattering.

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